Matilda Leyser

Mother of: Riddley; London, UK

Matilda Leyser is the Associate Director of Improbable Theatre. She directed and devised the Me, Mother performance and appeared in the London show.

Charlotte Le May

Charlotte Le May

Mother of Niobé; Toulouse, France

Charlotte is a student training at the Lido circus school in Toulouse.

Nomi Mcleod

Nomi McLeod

Mother of Minka; Dartmoor, UK

Nomi is a retired aerialist now focusing on art, mothering and the interplay of the two.

Charlotte Mooney

Charlotte Mooney

Mother of: Ida; London, UK

Charlotte is one of the co-founders and artistic directors of Ockham’s Razor. She appeared in the London edition of Me, Mother.

Her 6 contributions

Alluana Ribeiro

Mother of: Lua; Toulouse, France

After training as an equilibrist and acrobat at schools in Brasil and France, Alluana became a specialist in swinging pole. She has her own company, Cie Solta, with partner Tom Prôneur.

Her 12 contributions

Layla Rosa

Mother of: Omar and Leo; London, UK

Layla is an artist and director specialising in physical, visual and musical performance. She is a co-founder and artistic director of the London collective Shunt. 

Her 3 contributions

Rosie Rowlands

Mother of: Elouan; London, UK

A graduate of Circus Space, Rosie is a performer specialising in aerial hoop. She participated in an R&D workshop for the Me, Mother performance. 

Her 3 contributions

Marianna De Sanctis

Mother of: Maë; Toulouse, France

A graduate of schools in Italy and France, Marianna is an artist specialising in hula hoop. Alongside creating her own solos she has worked with companies including Gandini Juggling and Gynoïdes Project.

Her 2 contributions