Zenaida Alcalde

Madrid, Spain

A graduate of Circus Space in London, Zenaida is an aerial performer specialising in trapeze. She works as a performer with various circus companies and produces her own work under Puntocero Company.

Her 1 contribution

Catherine Boot

Mother of: Thea; Bristol, UK

Catherine is a director, producer and teacher who trained in contemporary circus and physical theatre at Circomedia. She was assistant director on the London edition of Me, Mother. 

Her 1 contribution

Alice Ellerby

Bristol, UK

A graduate of the school Circomedia, Alice is a physical performer and aerialist who's worked with companies including NoFit State Circus and Pif-Paf. She also has her own company, Jilted Pig.

Her 1 contribution

Silvia Fratelli

Mother of: Dylan; London, UK

Silvia is a co-founder and artistic director of the acrobatic company Mimbre. She participated in an R&D workshop for the Me, Mother performance.

Her 5 contributions

Lu ffrench

Mother of: Indiana and Arista; Bristol, UK

Based in Bristol, Lu is founder and director of the circus and street arts company Cirq Delight. She participated in an Open Space workshop for Me, Mother.

Her 4 contributions

Elske van Gelder

Mother of: Ida and Yfke; Toulouse, France

Trained in schools in Barcelona and Toulouse, Elske is an acrobat and hand to hand artist. She also works with the collective Cirque Pardi, most recently as an outside eye.  


Tina Koch

Mother of: Luca; London, UK

Tina is one of the co-founders and artistic directors of Ockham’s Razor. She appeared in the London edition of Me, Mother.

Her 7 contributions

Heini Koskinen

Mother of: Lumi; Toulouse, France

A specialist in vertical tissu, Heini works with the collective Mad in Finland, creates her own solo performances, and serves as vice president in the Finnish Clowns Without Borders association.

Her 3 contributions
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