Me, Mother is a documentary and performance project exploring the impact of childbearing and motherhood on the lives of female circus artists.

The digital archive, featuring audio diaries, interview excerpts, home movies and photography, gives us a candid view on the lives of women who have close relationships to risk, strength, and their own physicality.

As the project travels from one country to the next, it stages its performances as unique encounters with local artists. Drawing a fresh cast from the surrounding area, each show presents individual stories while touching on universal themes of risk, body image, family, and self-empowerment.

Led by the collective MES, Me, Mother aims to provide an engaging panorama of a pivotal moment in the lives of artists, and a record and discussion point for the circus today.

Creative team

  • Matilda Leyser / Performance Director / Ensemble
  • Linn Broden / Ensemble
  • Tina Koch / Ensemble
  • Charlotte Mooney / Ensemble
  • Grania Pickard / Ensemble
  • Cat Boot / Assistant Performance Director
  • Tina Dekens / Story Coordinator & Project Coordinator
  • MES / Archive & Creative Production

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